Friday, May 23, 2008

Buko-Pandan Ice Cream

So I went on a trip to 168 today and discovered the most amazing ice cream brand: Magnolia. They specialize in tropical ice cream flavors, most of them hailing from Southeast Asia. They had flavors such as Avocado, Green Tea, Ube, and even Halo-Halo! They also had one called Maiz con Queso. Um...yummy...?

It was hard to pick but I eventually settled on Buko-Pandan, which is based on a Filipino dessert consisting of coconut milk, pandan flavored gelatin, and other yummy goodness. It actually tastes a lot like various Vietnamese desserts such as Che Ba Mau.

The ice cream is pretty good! I thought it'd be too sweet, but it had a nice light flavor. There are even little bits of coconut in it which were a delightful surprise. Overall, pleasantly surprising, but not as good as the actual dessert. I really want to try the Avocado flavor next.


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you're so filipino

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dizzymonkey said...

In Houston and just discovered the stuff today. In a word, "Heavenly."